Scheduling Tour Of Life, Death, Aliens and Zombies

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We’re scheduling a tour for literary short story collection “Of Life, Death, Aliens and Zombies”. The tour runs from November 7 to November 14.

We’re setting up book reviews, book excerpt posts, author interviews and giveaways for during the tour.

Please let us know if you’d like to host this tour.

About the Book

41gutawb6glTitle: Of Life, Death, Aliens and Zombies

Author: Dario Cannizzaro

Genre: Literary Short Story Collection

Misnomer on purpose, this amazing debut rocks nine short and amusing stories that talk about life, death (as the title suggests), love, loneliness, art, sex, drugs, culture, religion but also – much less than you would expect – aliens, zombies and much more.

Ordinary characters facing extraordinary situations, dry humor, philosophical musing dressed as whimsical, offhand commentary; those are the key elements for this incredible authorial debut.

The collection comprehends three previously published stories (“The Galway Review”, “Two Thousand Words” and “Chantwood Magazine”); five new unpublished pieces; and for the first time in English, the best-selling story “Impurità”, which was Selected Work in iBooks Italy 2012.

Author Bio

DARIO CANNIZZARO was born in the sun-eaten Naples, Italy in 1982. He moved to Ireland in 2011, and has called it home ever since. He started writing short stories at seven, which are shamefully lost forever, but has never stopped writing since. His works have been published in Italian and English in Literary Magazines such as The Galway Review, Two Thousand Words and Chantwood Magazine.





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