Publicist Services

PR Services$200/month
    • Help with ongoing marketing and publicity for your books
    • We contact bloggers and reviewers on your behalf
    • Alternative methods to keep your books in the spotlight

Our publicist services package is ideal to keep your book in the spotlight after its release. It’s not as intensive as a book tour, but it can help to get your book the promo boost it needs. We will work closely with you to see what you’re needs are on a month-to-month basis. We can do this for several books at once.

Once you have several books under your belt, it can be time-consuming to keep up with marketing and publicity for your book while at the same time you’re busy writing your next book! We can help you. We can set up blog tours (in this case, we contact bloggers outside our usual tour hosts, and go looking for specific blogs that target your genre, and high-profile blogs), come up with a strategy for your new releases or to help your old releases stay in the spotlight, keep your social media active, help you build your newsletter, help come up with topics for on your blog and general tips to help build an author platform and engage your readers.

We will contact bloggers and reviewers on your behalf and send out copies of your book for review, or arrange for interviews and guest posts. We can coordinate giveaways, send out prize copies, make promotional graphics, help you expand your website, and more. We will help you come up with a marketing plan and strategy for your backlist.

This package includes one of our publicists working with you for four hours a month, which comes down to about one hour a week.

Gold Package: If you have a ton of books out, or you don’t think four hours a month will be sufficient, we also provide a similar package for $400 a month, which includes eight hours of work a month, or roughly two hours a week.

If you want to read more about why we updated our publicist services, please read this blog post.

We’ve worked with some of our clients for years, helping them promote their backlist, their current release, and their upcoming books, coming up with new strategies, developing their brand and website, and in general, find a marketing strategy for them that works. Not all strategies will work everyone, and sometimes it’s hit or miss. We can’t guarantee your book will get more sales, but we can guarantee we’ll do the absolute best we can to promote your book.