Standard PR Package

Standard PR Package$100
  • Three teasers for your book
  • Media kit in PDF format
  • Headtalker Campaign
  • Promo Blitz
  • Facebook Party

Our standard PR package is the ideal package to help you launch your book into the world. Included in this package is the following:

Three teasers for your book (you can use these on Twitter, Facebook, anywhere you like), and you can choose which snippets/teasers to include

Media kit for your book in PDF format

Headtalker Campaign for your title

Promo blitz on a day of your choosing (10+ blogs will participate)

We can set up a Facebook party for your book*

*We will only set up the party and invite people, hosting the party itself is completely up to you. We’ll just set up the event, add in what time it’ll be, and then we’ll make you the organizer so you can post on the day of the party. If you’re interested in us helping you host the facebook party, please check our facebook release event.

We recommend having the headtalker campaign, facebook party and promo blitz on the same day.