Information About Book Tours

This page explains some basic information about our blog tours, how they work, what happens after you contact us, and how we select bloggers.

If you want to know more about our different tour packages, please go here.

Basic Info

The author can choose what type of tour stops they want to include in the tour. We always require a mix of at least two of the following: promo posts, book excerpts and author interviews. On top of that, the author can also include guest posts, character interviews, giveaways and book reviews.

We require at least a .pdf for book reviews. If you can send us .mobi and .epub copies too, that would be very helpful, but it’s not required. If you want to include a giveaway, we can set it up through Rafflecopter, or you can set it up and send us the code to forward to our tour hosts. Either way works for us.

Each tour includes a Starter Day Party on I Heart Reading. A Starter Day Party is basically a promo post with tour banner, book cover, synopsis, tour schedule, author bio and purchase links.

All tour stops will be promoted through our Twitter and Facebook Page.

We recommend to a schedule a tour one month beforehand, especially if it’s a longer tour. Please see our FAQ for Authors for more information.

What We Need

After you’ve filled in the form to schedule the tour, we will get in touch with you through email. We will need a .pdf copy of the book for reviewers, the book synopsis and cover, an author bio, promotional links and book excerpts from you. If you have an author picture, please give it to us as well. If you have other eBook formats, please send those too. Some of our tour hosts prefer .mobi or .epub format. We ask for 1-3 different book excerpts, about 200-300 words each.

We will use this information to make a media kit for the book tour and a custom tour banner. We will put a promo post on Enchanted Book Promotions with the tour banner, book cover, synopsis, author bio and purchase links.

We will contact our tour hosts through email to set up the tour, and once the schedule is finalized, we will post it on Enchanted Book Promotions.

About The Tour Stops

For author interviews, we will collect the interview questions from the tour hosts and send them to the author. Once the author has responded, we will send the questions back to the appropriate tour host.

For giveaways, we will collect the winner’s information from the tour hosts. If the giveaway prize is an eBook copy of the book, we can contact the winner or the author can do so themselves if they prefer. If the giveaway prize is a physical item, we will send the winner’s mailing address to the author.

A guest blog post is basically a short blog post or article written by the author that the tour host posts on their blog. The advantages of guest posts is that readers can become familiar with the author’s writing style. We recommend to write guest posts of about 300 words. If you don’t want to write guest posts, please mention so when you schedule your book tour.

How We Select Bloggers

When bloggers sign up as a tour host for us, they fill in a list of what genres they want to host. If your book is, for example, a horor novel, then we will contact all tour hosts who signed up and added ‘horror’ as one of the genres they want to host. Then, tour hosts get the option to sign up – they’re not required to, so if the book doesn’t interest them, they simply don’t sign up.

Having the tour hosts indicate which genres they prefer helps us target blogs that are more genre-specific. Once we contact bloggers, we add in bloggers who want to review first, and then fill in the remaining tour stops with bloggers who want to host an interview, book excerpts, and so on. Because we know how much authors prefer reviews, review stops get preference.