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We’re scheduling a release blitz for paranormal romance “Forever Tied” on February 2.

We’re setting up book excerpt posts, promo posts, author interviews and character interviews for the release.

About the Book

forevertiedcoverTitle: Forever Tied

Author: Amanda Kimberley

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Raine the Rom Borro of the Kersh Gypsy Witch clan and Skye his lover are being chased by the King of the Vlad Vampires because he blames the two of them for his lover’s death in The Were Rebellion.

Alec and his twin brother Armand will stop at nothing to exact revenge for Obsidian, even go back in time to vanquish the Kersh Gypsy line.

Will both Raine and Skye be able to defeat the King of the Vlads before he ends their line? Will they be able to survive the test of time and remain forever tied?

Author Bio

forevertiedauthorAmanda Kimberley has been writing in various genres for a little over three decades and has received much recognition for her writing.

Kimberley is nationally recognized for her blog, articles, and books on the health subject of fibromyalgia. Her most recent article about intimacy and fibromyalgia will be featured in the National Fibromyalgia Association’s magazine, “The New FM Aware”. (“Health Magazine”) has featured Kimberley’s Fibro and Fabulous blog as one of the best for fibro sufferers. The blog has also been rated highly by many other professional health sites like Healthline and Pain Doctors.

Within the past several years, Amanda Kimberley has been writing in fiction in conjunction with nonfiction. And she enjoys chocolates while she gets to know her paranormal characters.



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