We’re scheduling a tour for YA paranormal “Four Chambers”. The tour runs from March 22 to march 29. We’re setting up book reviews, author interviews and promo posts for during the tour.

We have .pdf copies for reviewers.

Please let us know if you’d like to host this tour, what type of tour stop you’d like to host and what dates work for you.

About the Book

Four ChambersTitle: Four Chambers

Author: Ann Anderson

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

Freaky thing, living with someone’s else’s vital organ. Charlotte learns that the hard way when she receives a life-saving heart transplant. Her doc says all is well, but Charlotte knows the heart’s in trouble in a way science can’t measure. To make matters worse, her poor dead donor is trapped in an after-life that Char wouldn’t wish on an enemy. It’s up to her to find out what the heart needs, pay her debt to her donor and free them both from an awful fate. If she’s smart, Charlotte will also find out what a heart is really for.

Author Bio

1286rt_fbAnn Anderson used to work in television and film post-production. Now she lives in Portland, Oregon and writes fiction.



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