Scheduling Release Blitz Fade Away

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We’re scheduling a release blitz for young adult novel “Fade Away” on March 22.

Please let us know if you’d like to participate.

About the Book

ringfield_new_cover_fade-away_webTitle: Fade Away

Author: Jeremy T. Ringfield

Genre: Young Adult

The Monster’s Bop is the last dance of the year, a costume party thrown by Elizabeth’s high school annually. But this year is different. With more than 20 Cinderellas watching, a fight breaks out between four Batmen and four Supermen while a Hulk cowers under the punch bowl. And it isn’t over kryptonite or the keys to the Batmobile. It’s over the power of a single text message.

 Fade Away is the story told from Elizabeth’s diary about what it’s like to navigate the unfamiliar and ever-changing landscape of high school. A new horizon of first boyfriends, family decisions, and budding friendships. Ergo, of awkward, physical and intellectual landfalls to school dramas and the lessons learned from them otherwise known as coming into your own.

Author Bio

ringfield_author_photo_glassesJeremy T. Ringfield is an eighty’s baby year-old indie author who enjoys writing to the tween bumfuzzles in us all to reveal old unconditional loves.


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