Custom Book Marketing Campaign

Custom Book Marketing Campaign$50/hour
  • We evaluate your book’s needs and will set up a custom marketing campaign
  • We will help you find your target audience and build a platform
  • We’ll build your brand and make sure it’s persistent
  • We can help manage website and social media
  • Personal PR consultant

Our custom book marketing campaign is the most extensive marketing you’ll get – anywhere. We charge $50/an hour, and you get to choose the maximum number of hours we can devote to your book per month or week (as in, you set the maximum weekly or monthly budget). We will give you a detailed overview of what we’ve done during the week or month (depending on your preferences) to promote your book.

We will discuss your book with you, what steps you’ve done so far toward marketing your book, and what steps we can take in the future. We can create a professional press release for your book, or a complete press/media kit you can put on your website. We can advise you how to update your website so it looks more professional, and if you want, we can even update it for you. We can make your website easier to navigate, so visitors can find your books easily. We can help manage your social media accounts, email, newsletter, set up a Facebook page for your book, and more.

We can contact bloggers and reviewers for you to set up promo posts, author interviews, guest blog posts or reviews for your book. We keep track of where we send review copies, and send out reminder emails to bloggers in case they haven’t reviewed yet. We can set up a Goodreads page for your book, and keep track of new reviews appearing there.

We can send review copies of your book to online magazines, newspapers and review websites. We can write promotional articles about your book(s), your upcoming releases and more for on article websites and blogs.

We can set up giveaways on Goodreads and other promotional outlets for your book, promote the giveaway and keep track of the entries.

On top of that, there’s a lot more we can do. First thing we do after you fill in the form, is talk with you about what your expectations are and what you’d like us to do for your book. Then we’ll work on a schedule that works for both of us, and go over what we’ll do and when.

We’ve worked with some of our clients for years, helping them promote their backlist, their current release, and their upcoming books, coming up with new strategies, developing their brand and website, and in general, find a marketing strategy for them that works. Not all strategies will work for everyone, and sometimes it’s hit or miss. We can’t guarantee your book will get more sales, but we can guarantee we’ll do the absolute best we can to promote your book.

We start by working on a marketing plan for your book, a strategy. We’ll research your target market, and along with you, we’ll develop your brand. We can help you with marketing and graphic design in that area, and we’ll make sure your brand is consistent on all your social media and on your website.

We can brainstorm blog posts, set up huge Facebook events, blog tours that are larger than the ones we currently offer, basically, whatever you need.