Release Day Party Package

Release Day Party$19
  • Your Book featured on 10+ Blogs on its release
  • Promo Post on EBP
  • Tour Banner
  • Promotion through Twitter and Facebook


Choose our Release Day Party Package to celebrate the release of your book in style!

Once you’ve scheduled the Release Day Party Package, we will get in touch with you through email. We will need a book cover, synopsis, author bio, promotional links and book excerpt from yoru book to proceed. An author picture is optional. As for the book excerpts, you can choose to have the same excerpt on all blogs participating, or multiple excerpts on the different blogs.

For the Release Day Party, we focus primarily on promo posts or book excerpts posts. There is also a Deluxe Release Day Party, which includes a mix of author interviews, book reviews, book excerpt posts, character interviews and guest blog posts, based on your own preference. While our regular release day parties cost $19, our Deluxe Release Day Party package costs $29.*

You can host a giveaway of your book if you’d like on the release day, spread across all blogs participating. You can set the giveaway up yourself or we can do it for you if you tell us what you’d like to give away. We use Rafflecopter to host giveaways. We will send the giveaway code to all blogs participating, so they can set up the giveaway on their blog.

We will use this information to make a media kit and custom promo post for your book, which we’ll send to all our tour hosts. We will also make a tour banner.

We will set up a promo post on Enchanted Book Promotions. We will promote the release day party through Twitter and Facebook.

* As for the Deluxe Release Day Party, we don’t do reviews-only release days. The release day party will include a mix of at least book excerpts and one other type of tour stop.